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Money Ball for Sales w/ Rilla and Grosso University

Conversion rates are dropping. Every deal is getting harder to win. Rillavoice uses AI to analyze in-home sales conversations between sales reps and homeowners. They ran their models on over 100,000 sales conversations and figured out what the top 1% of salespeople across the country are doing to win more deals. Come listen to what we found. The world-class coaches from @grossouniversity3712 be there to help us unpack the insights.

Feb 23rd Webinar w/ Heidi Ellsworth of MetalCoffeeShop

Dominic sits down with Heidi Ellsworth, President of MetalCoffeeShop and RoofersCoffeeShop to discuss the turn-key solution to helping you provide better all around metal roofing solutions. Don’t forget to stick around after the webinar for a Live Q & A!

Grosso University Presents: Rilla!

Rep Coaching to help, understand your customers. Analyze thousands of face to face conversations your reps have with your customers on the field.

Webinar w/ Paradigm Vendo

Dominic is joined by Tim Musch from Paradigm Vendo to show you the 10 things customers demand to see in your product presentation.

Webinar w/ Patrick Fingles from Leap

Grosso Universidad Webinar

Hatch Webinar

The Art of Crafting a Masterful Sales Presentation

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