Partner Spotlight: Rilla Voice

Rilla Voice: The Ultimate Sales Coaching Tool

Why We Love Rilla Voice

Grosso University is thrilled to endorse RillaVoice, a game-changer in AI-powered speech analytics and coaching software. Why do we love it? RillaVoice provides unparalleled visibility into every sales encounter, revolutionizing our approach to training.

What You Get:

  • Unprecedented Visibility: Gain real-time insights into your sales team's performance, boosting coaching efficiency by up to 800%.

  • Immediate Feedback: RillaVoice offers instant insights, enabling quick adjustments and skill enhancement.

  • Virtual Training Arm: As a Grosso University partner, RillaVoice is at the core of our Sales Academy. Benefit from world-class virtual training without physical presence.

  • Proven Success: Trusted by thousands nationwide, RillaVoice is a priceless asset in the Home Improvement industry, delivering record-breaking results.


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Average Increase In Close Rates

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Avg time savings
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Rilla in Action: Effortless Sales in Three Steps

Step 1: Go to Your Appointment 

Forget the complexities of manual data entry. With Rilla, you can dive into your sales appointments with confidence. Engage your clients, showcase your expertise, and let Rilla seamlessly capture every essential detail without missing a beat.

Step 2: Rilla Captures the Data Automatically 

As you work your sales magic, Rilla quietly and efficiently captures the nuances of your conversation. From key client preferences to essential project details, Rilla’s AI ensures that no valuable information slips through the cracks. Say goodbye to tedious note-taking; Rilla has it covered.

Step 3: Rilla Analyzes the Data 

The magic doesn’t stop at capturing data—Rilla goes a step further. Utilizing advanced analytics, Rilla breaks down the captured information, providing you with valuable insights. Uncover patterns, identify opportunities, and refine your sales strategy based on real-time, data-driven analysis.

On-Demand Webinar: Unlocking Sales Success

Dive into the expertise of Grosso University and Rilla Voice with our exclusive joint webinar. Explore the strategies and insights shared by industry leaders, providing a firsthand look at how seamless sales communication can transform your business. Elevate your approach and watch the webinar now

Gain 100% Visibility
into Every Sales Conversation

Virtual ridealongs give you recordings, transcriptions, summaries, and analytics from every sales visit. Review them, make comments, create highlights, and more.

Save Time and Coach Reps 8x Faster

Sales managers who coach with Rilla's AI are 8x faster and 20x more efficient. Give all your reps feedback every day. And allow your managers to coach 2x the number of reps.

Gain 100% Visibility
into Every Sales Conversation

With Rilla, you can coach from anywhere. Your sales managers no longer need to live in a plane. They can coach all your reps right from their home or office.


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