Partner Spotlight: Ingage

Ingage: The Ultimate Presentation Tool

Why We Love Ingage

Ingage has powered elite sales teams with interactive, dynamic presentations since 2008.Their combination of robust design and powerful sales enablement tools give anyone the ability to create, share and measure world class content. Close more deals with powerful presentations from Ingage. 


What You Benefit From:

  • Enhanced Engagement: Elevate your sales presentations beyond slides to interactive experiences that captivate clients.
  • Insightful Analytics: With Ingage, you gain access to valuable data on how your presentations are received, allowing for immediate improvements and tailored coaching.
  • Seamless Integration: As part of our Sales Academy, Ingage is essential, enabling sophisticated virtual training seamlessly integrated into our curriculum.
  • Proven Effectiveness: Adopted widely in the consulting and home remodeling sectors, Ingage has demonstrated its ability to significantly enhance sales outcomes.

Create Interactive Presentations

Quickly design pages with your images, videos and text.

Share Instantly

On-brand and always up-to-date content on any device.

Measure Results

Understand the impact on your business through rich analytics.

Close More Deals With Powerful Presentations

On Demand Webinar: The Art of Crafting a Masterful Sales Presentation

  • Understanding the modern buyer’s psychology and the importance of appearance
  • Breaking down the core components of a Masterful Presentation and the psychology behind them
  • Learn how to leverage your presentation to close more deals
  • Utilize presentation analytics to position yourself for long-term growth

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