One of the biggest expenses for you as an organization is creating leads and spending money on marketing. Take a look at just some of the ways we will help you maximize every opportunity!

Sales Leadership Academy

Lead Handling

Take a deep dive into how you should be managing your leads and how you should be handling them through your call center to maximize each and every opportunity. Learn how to infinitely scale your revenue potential with effective lead handling strategies. Every lead is an opportunity to grow your business, and by leveraging the right techniques, you can turn more leads into loyal customers. From lead generation and nurturing to qualification and conversion, optimizing your lead handling process can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Let Grosso university take your lead handling to the next level and unlock your business’s full potential!

"Don't be the person that “who they are speaks so loud, you can hardly hear a word they're saying." Sign Up to be a Closer NOW!

- Dominic Caminata

The Greatest Sales Trainer in the Business

Learn how to outsell the competition

You have to be the first one in and the last one in! 

I bet you’re asking, how does that happen? It starts with a sense of urgency. You must have a strategy to contact a lead within seconds of it coming in, call center staff that are trained to schedule the lead no later than 72 hours prior to first contact, and once you’re in the home, Execute a Masterful Presentation. Our proven strategies will help you establish a strong market position by not giving your competitors a chance to get in the door. By staying one step ahead, you’ll be able to maintain a profitable business without having to lower your prices. Leave your competition in the dust, let Grosso University implement these strategies for your company and show you how to leverage them to create a more successful and profitable company.

“When you're out of leads you're out of business”
-Dominic Caminata

Sales Management and Training

There’s a big difference between a sales manager and a sales coach. A sales manager really is there to help you grow your business not just maintain it and there are certain roles, responsibilities, and aspects of that position that must be understood and implemented properly for that sales manager to actually make a difference in your business. We will teach you how to find the perfect person for the role and train them to manage and coach your team to victory.

Recruiting Sales Reps & Keeping them Motivated

How do you do that, you might ask? It starts with finding the right people. We’ve found over the years that people from certain industries or even certain types of sales, like B2B are not the best fit for a home improvement sales position. Learn how to find the right sales people and how to motivate and retain them. We have developed a compensation strategy that not only motivates your salespeople to sell but to do it profitably. Guarantee that your sales reps are Executing a Masterful Presentation every time!

Here at Grosso University, Dominic will teach you the same proven blueprint for success that he used to scale both Mad City Windows And Matrix Home Solutions to over $200 Million each, in net revenue per year.

$ 0 Million +

a year in net revenue!

Proper Sales Meetings

We’re not giving too much away here, but we’ll say this… If you do them right, your sales people won’t be having those parking lot meetings afterwards. That’s right, sales meetings should be fun, enriching and informative, not dull or combative. They should leave feeling empowered, motivated and knowing that they learned something awesome to put in their toolbox. If you want to know how, you’ve got to sign up. What are you waiting for? You do want to run a more profitable business, don’t you?

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