Case Study

Re-bath: san antonio


Grosso University’s Sales Academy is a renowned two-week sales training program specifically tailored for home remodeling companies. This case study focuses on the impact of the Sales Academy on the sales performance of Re-Bath San Antonio, a leading home remodeling company. By comparing the results achieved by Re-Bath San Antonio representatives who underwent the Sales Academy training to those who did not, we can assess the effectiveness of the program.


Client Overview

Re-Bath San Antonio, a prominent home remodeling company, had a total of 11 sales representatives. In an effort to boost sales performance, the company enrolled five of their representatives in the Sales Academy program, while the remaining six representatives continued with their regular sales approach. This study aims to evaluate the differences in performance between the trained and non-trained representatives.


Results of Non-Grosso Representatives

The six representatives who did not participate in the Sales Academy program ran a total of 114 leads. Among these leads, they successfully conducted demonstrations for 90 prospects, resulting in an impressive demo rate of 79%. Following the demonstrations, they managed to write 27 deals, contributing to a total revenue of $392,685. The slug (revenue per lead) for this group amounted to $3444.61, showcasing their proficiency in generating sales based on their existing training.


Results of Grosso Representatives

In contrast, the five representatives who underwent the Sales Academy training showcased exceptional performance. They ran a total of 75 leads and achieved a remarkable demo rate of 96% by conducting demonstrations for 72 prospects. Following the demos, they successfully wrote 31 deals, leading to a total revenue of $507,594. Notably, the slug for this group was $6767.92, indicating the increased value per lead resulting from the Sales Academy training.


comparison analysis

By comparing the results of the non-Grosso representatives with those who underwent the Sales Academy program, we can draw several key observations:

  1. Demo Rate: The Grosso representatives achieved a significantly higher demo rate of 96%, surpassing the demo rate of 79% achieved by the non-Grosso representatives. This suggests that the Sales Academy training positively influenced the representatives’ ability to secure more demonstrations, enhancing their chances of converting leads into sales.

  2. Revenue Generation: The Grosso representatives generated a total revenue of $507,594, outperforming the non-Grosso representatives’ revenue of $392,685. This indicates that the Sales Academy training equipped the representatives with effective sales techniques and strategies, enabling them to secure higher-value deals and maximize revenue potential.

  3. Slug: The Grosso representatives achieved an impressive slug of $6767.92, which is considerably higher than the non-Grosso representatives’ slug of $3444.61. This highlights the Sales Academy’s impact in elevating the revenue per lead and signifies the ability of trained representatives to capitalize on each opportunity and generate more profitable sales outcomes.
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Demo Rate

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The findings of this case study demonstrate the positive influence of Grosso University’s Sales Academy training program on the sales performance of Re-Bath San Antonio representatives. The representatives who participated in the Sales Academy training exhibited superior performance in terms of demo rate, revenue generation, and slug when compared to their non-trained counterparts. These results highlight the effectiveness of the Sales Academy in equipping representatives with valuable skills and strategies, ultimately leading to enhanced sales outcomes for Re-Bath San Antonio.


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