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The Sales Podcast for Home Improvement Professionals.


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Our weekly podcast will include some of the most successful sales trainers, entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, and business icons in the world today.

We pride ourselves in offering legendary training for the modern world and want to give the inside perspective on what the brightest minds in the business world are doing to run a profitable successful organization.

Jordan Belfort

The real Wolf of Wall Street discusses: How to identify and define sales rep vs sales management talent, The history of the Straight Line Selling System, How to leverage Jordan’s world famous Straight Line Selling system in Home Improvement, The psychology of success in sales, How to maximize performance with virtual selling

Waldo Waldman

We will be hosting a New York Times best selling author Waldo Waldman. Waldo’s book, Never Fly Solo, teaches organizations to value every single person within the organization.

Rick Grosso

This week’s episode of Yes, I am a Closer series features the legendary home improvement sales training and business consultant , Rick Grosso! Rick is an expert in sales psychology and training and has acted as consultant for major companies around the world.

Grant Winstead

This week’s episode of Yes, I am a Closer features Grant Winstead! Grant is a master sales trainer, author of “Window of Opportunity,” and owner of a highly successful home improvement company. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone with more industry knowledge than Grant Winstead and were excited to bring him to you in this week’s podcast premier!

Mike Feazel & Kevin Harrington

Hear from Mike Feazel, CEO of Roof Maxx, Kevin Harrington, a life-long entrepreneur who initially started in the home services industry, and the Grosso University team, a highly regarded home improvement sales training team led by Dominic Caminata to understand what led to this growth and how they plan to continue this path with the right methodologies.

Jeb Blount

Today, gain valuable insight into sales training and leadership from Grosso U Sales Trainer, Dominic Caminata and special guest, Jeb Blount- founder of Sales Gravy and author of 12 books on sales training and leadership.

Dr. Nestor Rodriguez

In this episode we discuss company culture, market trends beyond our control, socio-economic factors of your geography and so much more.

Paul Atherton

Host Dominic Caminata will be sitting down with the United Kingdom’s Sales coach of the year, Paul Atherton, to talk all things sales.

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The Sales Podcast for Home Improvement Professionals

Destination motivation


The sales industry can be hard on anyone, especially when you’re selling product’s worth thousands of dollars. Make your life easier by learning the One Call Close. Dominic Caminata breaks it down for you in this podcast.

destination motivation

Destination Motivation has provided salespeople with an amazing tool. Vacation vouchers to use as an incentive during a sales call.

Cabinet restylers

Sales manager vs Sales coach

What’s the difference between a sales manager and a sales coach? One leads your team to success. The other leads to warning sales.

evolve your sales process

The sales industry can be hard on anyone, especially when you’re selling product’s worth thousands of dollars. Make your life easier by learning the One Call Close. Nick Richmond and Dominic Caminata break it down for you in this podcast.

one click contractor

Access Grosso University and One Click Contractor’s FREE sales webinar to learn about the magic that happens when you can take the right productivity solution paired with the right sales process. Our experts will discuss: ow you can streamline your sales process, improve your close rate and ultimately make more money!


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