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Grosso University online offers the most comprehensive training platform that you can use in your organization to become more profitable and close more deals immediately. If you are a sales representative, sales manager, or owner, you can have  access to exclusive content, training videos, documents, and everything you need to grow, thrive, and become a more profitable organization, no matter what the economy or the state of the world is like around you. One thing you will hear us say a lot at Grosso University is that volume is for vanity and profits are for sanity. Everything we put on this platform is built around the foundation of you running a more profitable home improvement company and becoming a more profitable sales representative.

 One thing you will hear us say a lot at Grosso University is that volume is for vanity and profits for sanity.

Dominic Caminata

The Greatest Sales Trainer in the Business

Become A closer

Here at Grosso University our goal is to increase your profitability and your sales ability, then show you how to scale infinitely. Let us teach everyone on your sales team how to craft and execute a Masterful Presentation and become a One Call Closer.

Grosso University’s Online Training Platform

What to expect?

If you are an owner, manager or sales coach you will earn your PhD in Lead Handling, Sales Management, Motivation and Accountability. If you are a Sales Representative, you will earn your Doctorate in crafting a Masterful Presentation and closing the sale more often than not.

Dominic Caminata and Nick Richmond have taken the Legendary Sales Training of Rick Grosso to the next level. They have tried, tested, refined and perfected Rick’s methods for success and placed them at your fingertips. With unlimited access to over 100 video courses, you can train anytime and anywhere. 

Learn how to be in control of the customer’s journey from beginning to end. We have put together a step-by-step playbook that teaches the fundamentals for each series of the sales process, from the moment of first interaction with the client to the follow up, the sales presentation to the close and everything in between.

transform your team into top performing sales professionals.

What's included

  • Full Access to Our Library of Audio and Video Courses

  • Real-Time Progress Tracking with Our Learning Management System

  • Instant Access to All Newly Released Courses

  • Early Access to Live Events

  • Special Members-Only Pricing on Events and Exclusive Products

  • Private Q&A Sessions

  • Access to Our Private Networking Community

  • Access to Field Training and ride alongs

Always remember, At Grosso University, “Yes, You are a Closer.”

Top-tier Sales Training

New Training Courses Monthly!

With a new online home improvement sales training course presented every month, there is always fresh material to keep your staff motivated!


Easily track your progress through each training course with our user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS.)


Team members can access the courses on their own time and on their own devices, allowing them to complete each course at a comfortable pace.

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Certified Closer

Designed for individual sales reps- the Sales Academy Certified Closer program empowers sales professionals with comprehensive training to master Grosso University’s proven Selling System. 

Upon successful completion of the course curriculum, and earning a score of 90% or better on the final exam, the graduate will earn an official Grosso University certificate signed by Dominic Caminata- recognizing the graduate as a “Certified Closer.”


Designed for companies interested in Grosso University coaching and mentoring their sales reps individually- the Sales Academy Masterclass allows Grosso University to assume full responsibility for sales reps’ aptitude with the selling system. Thus, empowering company leadership and management to focus on growing the business instead of training sales reps.