Nick Richmond

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” -Thomas Reid

Meet Nick

Nick Richmond got his start in the home-improvement industry in 2002 selling replacement windows for a company out of Flint Michigan. Nick quickly gained an appreciation for the Rick Grosso 10 step sales methodology and he made a tremendous income following the Grosso selling system as a young man, all while attending school at Western Michigan University where he achieved his degree in business administration with a focus on professional sales and marketing.

Nick eventually broke out on his own and founded matrix home solutions in 2009. With very little start-up capital and a ton of grit, Nick built one of the nations most profitable and fastest growing home remodeling companies. Matrix home solutions is now in the top 30 of all home services organizations nationally with sales projections scaling $80 million+ in 2022. As a result of his business acumen Nick was named the 2013 entrepreneur of the year for the entire home remodeling industry.

Nick provides high-level CEO content and general business experience to the Grosso University clientele. His ability and understanding of how to properly scale and grow profitable home remodeling companies places him in a very elite group of rare individuals.

If you want to understand how to achieve a 15% or greater net profit margin and/or build an organization that runs like a franchise, Nick is the consultant for you.