This is the most turnkey and wildly successful metal roofing program in history

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Introducing the Grosso University Metal Roofing Academy

Are you ready to take your metal roofing business to the next level?

If so, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to join the Grosso University Metal Roofing Academy, a brand new program created in partnership with Sherwin-Williams, Predictive Sales AI, Eagleview and some of our participating manufacturing partners.

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This program will give you everything you need to become the dominant metal roofing contractor in your area and make more sales than ever before.
  • A proven lead generation system that will fill your pipeline with qualified prospects

  • A comprehensive sales training platform that will teach you how to close the deal more often than not

  • A powerful proposal tool and visualizer that will show you exactly what materials and labor you need for each project

  • A roofing passport that will help you order, install and warranty your metal roofs with ease

  • A back-end support team that will train your crews and answer any questions you have along the way

Don’t miss this chance to grow your business and increase your profits with metal roofing

"Our exclusive metal roofing program is lane assist for your sales team. It’s a paint by number system that is the road map to the sale that your salespeople can execute consistently."

- Dominic Caminata

The Greatest Sales Trainer in the Business

As the official sales training engine of the Sherwin-Williams MetalVue system, we help your sales team succeed. We set you up for success from introduction to close. This system provides quality leads, masterful presentations, and a proven sales process. With our support, your team can confidently make the close the natural conclusion.

Join The Metal Movement

Have you considered adding metal roofing to your product lineup? Then, you’ll want to put your eyes on this turnkey metal roofing program designed by Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings. It’s arguably the most scalable program of its kind as the relationships and systems are in place to maximize efficiency from “phone call through install” and everything in between.

  • Leads included

  • Precise "down to the bolt" measurements and materials lists

  • Product-specific sales training

  • Sales presentation and sample kits

  • Installation connections and training

We promise that once your salespeople master this in-home presentation the customer will be saying, I want it, I need it, I must have it!

Dominic and his team will teach you how to funnel it down to one thing and one thing only standing in the way, and that’s affordability. Affordability more often than not is the only thing standing in the way because we kill the alternatives to this solution. Let us turn your sales team into well-trained chess players. 

With Grosso University’s sales methodology you’ll always be four or five moves ahead. Your salespeople will know how to properly overcome objections, sell financing, negotiate through financial terms, establish deposits and how to demonstrate a strong return on investment so your prospects can make decisions on emotion and justify them logically at the same time.

"Like killing a flea with a sledge hammer”

- Dominic Caminata


Learn how to turn your sales position into a multiple 6-figure income!

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“There are very few jobs that exist on planet Earth where you get to come home every single night, sleep in your own bed more often than not and make a multiple six-figure income. That’s heart surgeon money!”

-Nick Richmond
Founder of the largest basement refinishing company in North America

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