Dominic Caminata

The Greatest Sales Trainer in the Business

Meet Dom

Dominic Caminata is Co-Owner and founder of Grosso University in 2019 and is quickly being recognized as the industry’s greatest sales training and motivational speaker.

His passion in life is taking individuals with the right attitude and turning them into Sales Warriors! Over his 12 year career, he has trained hundreds of sales professionals and sales leaders nationwide to create legendary sales organizations for the modern world. His training style is motivating, high energy, entertaining, easy to understand and extremely detailed.

Dominic is the proud Author of the Grosso University Bible of In-Home Selling, he is the creator of his industry exclusive Sales Academy, he built an online training platform with hundreds of hours of training videos, and is now dedicating his life to making Grosso University the Premier Business Development Platform in History! Dominic will have everyone on your team shouting, “Yes I am a Closer!”