Dan Coomes-Barry


Meet Dan

Dan spent the first 12 years of his career in the building trades, working as a furnace and A/C installer and service technician for 5 years, and a commercial carpenter for 7.

His first real sales job was with Terminix pest control. Without a real sales system in place, most of his success came from developing rapport and selling creatively.

After Terminix, Dan spent 2 years with a company called Window Works, his first 1-Call Closing position. It changed everything, and after moving to Wisconsin, Dan was introduced to Dominic Caminata at Mad City Windows and Baths. Dominic taught him how to take 1-Call Closing to the next level, and Dan found a high level of success for 2 years before joining Grosso University.

“I realized that what really drives me is helping others succeed. The sales methodology we train at Grosso University allowed me to completely change my life, and I want to help other sales reps accomplish their dreams as well” – Dan Coomes-Barry


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