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Grosso University will work one-on-one with your company, in the trenches with your salespeople, that’s where the magic happens. We offer boot camps between two and five days depending on your company’s needs. We even include ride-alongs, no matter whether you are attending in person or virtually. This is a really strong feature because ride-alongs are like lane assist for your sales team. It’s one thing to give them good sales training but going out there with them to make sure that they’re crafting a masterful presentation consistently is a whole different level.

The in-person sales bootcamp will help you lay a solid foundation and launch with a more sound business plan, on a journey to creating a more successful and profitable company. We will work with you side-by-side to implement our industry-proven methodology that’s guaranteed to help your team succeed in modern times, inside of your organization.

Get the Grosso Experience tailored specifically to your home improvement business.

11-step virtual sales process

Our training center holds a lot of exclusive content that you won’t find anywhere else. One of the best examples is the only tried and true, proven 11-step virtual sales process that takes your sales representative through each step, from the moment they log into a zoom meeting with their prospect, to the moment they’re emailing that agreement for signature, and everything in between. 

The ability to know exactly how to run a virtual appointment is only one example of what you will find in our online sales training platform. We even have real recordings with real customers, Dominic, and other professional closers running full virtual appointments from start to finish. This way your sales people can see that this is not theory, but reality that they can achieve.

Everything we put on Grosso University is proven and tested in our own organizations. We are not only active in the business and currently in the trenches with you every single day, we also put over $200 Million in net sales on the board last year. We’ll never put any information out there unless it can be implemented immediately and have profound effects on your business.

How We start

We will start with your in-bound call and lead handling and appointment setting. The proper execution of a masterful presentation, from preparation, Introduction/rapport, needs analysis, measuring, company story, price conditioning, handling objections to final closing. Then we’ll finish with your coaching and training processes to ensure that you have a positive, educational and motivational system in place that leads to higher sales and most importantly higher profits.

Step 99

Ignoring Objections

The best sales people in the world are the best at ignoring the objections. Learn how to never let a curveball objection put the brakes on your sales presentation, Ever Again! Not only will you be able to control the conversation but you will even build rapport with your clients using our honed/fine-tuned techniques.
Step 99

Assume the Sale

One big mistake a lot of salespeople make is in the closing sequence, they ask for the sale, and most of the time they do it timidly. That’s like placing a 200 pound bag of sand with the word decision written on it on the customers lap. That is the best way to add pressure and resistance to your presentation. With Grosso University’s Certified Closer Program, you will learn to confidently and assertively assume the sale while taking the pressure off of John and Mary. 

The reason why you can do that with our system is because it teaches you how to front load the process and guide the customer through the sale, so the close is the natural conclusion.

Tonality and Body Language

Studies have actually found that 90% of all human communication is nonverbal! That means the words you’re actually saying to your prospect are only 10% of the equation. This makes your body language and your confidence level very important and your tonality even more important. Grosso University’s formula for a Masterful Presentation includes everything you need to know in order to communicate effectively and to come across cool and confident to your clients.

stay in the game

The home improvement industry is changing rapidly, private equity companies are now buying up home improvement companies the same way that they have been with houses the past few years. Chuck in a truck is not going to be around for much longer and you are going to need the tools to succeed in this new climate. Especially now that we’re moving out of the COVID boom and people are spending money on other things like travel or not spending at all due to the economy, you’re really going to need a blueprint that’s waterproof to compete. Let Grosso University show you the cutting-edge technologies and proven fundamentals that you need to succeed in the modern world.

Tie Downs

We all know that one of the most important selling techniques a sales rep can possess is the technique and ability of asking questions. We also know that whoever asks the most questions is the one that’s in control of the conversation. 

The thing we love about tie downs here at Grosso University is that they simply allow you to turn any statement into a question, isn’t that true? Learn the different types of tie downs and how to strategically implement these tie downs and trial closes into your masterful presentation so that you can keep the customer involved in the sale, that’s what you want isn’t it?

"Don't be the person that “who they are speaks so loud, you can hardly hear a word they're saying." Sign Up to be a Closer NOW!

- Dominic Caminata

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