Learn from the Success Stories of Our Clients


How Grosso University Helped Home Improvement Businesses Achieve Higher Profitability and Growth

How Our Clients Achieved Success with Grosso University

Discover the Stories of Transformation and Growth from Our Satisfied Customers

At Grosso University, we are proud to share the results and testimonials of our clients who have benefited from our sales training, coaching and consulting services. Our case studies showcase how we have helped home improvement businesses of different sizes and niches to overcome their challenges, improve their sales process, increase their closing rates, and grow their revenue and profitability.

Re-Bath: San Antonio Case Study

Grosso University’s Sales Academy is a renowned two-week sales training program specifically tailored for home remodeling companies. This case study focuses on the impact of the Sales Academy on the sales performance of Re-Bath San Antonio, a leading home remodeling company. 


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